Twitter launches emoji for Amazon Prime Day 2021!

Twitter (Logo)

Reinforcing its pre-warm campaign, Amazon partnered with Twitter to launch an exclusive Prime Day 2021 emoji.

Such action is nothing new in the microblog social network, which in the past has already implemented emojis for several movies, series, and even the World Olympics.

However, neither side has yet made an official announcement, so we’re bringing you this first-hand information here:

Emoji do Amazon Prime Day no Twitter

Amazon Prime Day Emoji on Twitter

The emoji chosen to represent Prime Day 2021 on Twitter were the iconic boxes with custom adhesive tape and Amazon logo.

The company’s frequent customers can easily recognize the emoji reference, which is used as an advertisement for the retail giant, as well as being the actual appearance of the shipped order boxes.

Where is emoji displayed?

This special emoji will always be displayed to the right of the partnership’s participating hashtags, which are #amazon#primeday and #amazonprimeday.

The visualization is available in the web version and Twitter apps, and you can find the emoji in tweets or in the bio of the social network profiles.

How to add Prime Day emoji?

No extra user action is required to display the Amazon Prime Day emoji on Twitter, just type any of the participating hashtags to add it to a tweet or profile bio.

Both hashtags have the same emoji, so you can choose which one you prefer best. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add it without the hashtag and it will only be seen after the tweet is published or the bio is finalized.

Expectations for Prime Day 2021

Amazon Prime Day

This year Amazon is investing a lot of marketing effort into its special event with limited time super discount offers.

It is a great strategy to prospect new subscribers to Amazon Prime, the company’s membership club that offers several benefits to customers.

A good example of the advantage of being a Prime member was the latest promotion aimed at the gamer audience, where the company offers a Twitch membership with 50% off the 1 month until 22/06.

Unfortunately there is still no list of offers that will be on Amazon Prime Day, but the event can be a great opportunity for those who want to buy products with discounts and free shipping!

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